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4th of July

Little Girl with a Hula Hoop

My little one trying to figure out the Hula Hoop while at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park on 4th of July.

On the 4th of July, I took the family to the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park.  The park was pretty empty since most people go to the beach or to other parks that have fireworks.  Even with the light crowds, we didn’t see many animals because my little one was having a great time watching the shows that were part of the African Experience.  The above shot is currently my favorite from the day.  She is trying so hard to watch the other kids with Hula Hoops and figure it out herself.  She never did get it but I am sure she will figure it out in a couple of years.

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10 Jul 2012

San Diego is now home

Torrey Pines State Beach

Torrey Pines State Beach. A classic Southern California Beach

San Diego is now called home.  I have been living here for several months and am really enjoying it.  Being born and raised in Northern California, I always dreamed of living in Northern California although I never thought it would become a reality.  I love the weather here.  I love the sunshine and I even love the rain when it occurs.  Mostly, I love of the opportunities for me to take my kids to play.  The zoo is fabulous, the parks are wonderful, and the people are friendly.  My little one makes new friends everywhere we go.

As I am fairly new to the area, I am really excited to have the opportunity to get to know new families and capture some loving moments of family along with silly moments of the kids.



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6 Jul 2012