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Self Potrait

A self portrait that Jennifer took called "Passions".

As a photographer, like any other art, I am constantly needing to improve my “craft”.  I am always trying to learn more about the art of photography and pushing myself as an artist.  I read a ton of books on photography, I look at other photographer’s images and try to understand what they did to capture the image, and I network with other photographers online and in real life.  One of the online networks that I am a part of has assignments each week that will hopefully help me to become a better photographer.

This weeks assignment was to create a self-portrait that tells a story.  Above you will see my submission.  I am hoping that by looking at it, you will understand the passions of my life.  And yes, I love my family, but this picture is about me and who I am away from my family.

So who am I?  From looking at this image, I think that I am fun based on the coy smile on my face.  Based on the shoes, I can guess that I have a passion for Mickey Mouse (or really anything Disney), Tap Dancing, and Ballet.

So if you see me walking down the street and want a conversation starter, you can ask me about any of my passions from above and you will get an earful.

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30 Apr 2013